Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sooooo today was absolute craziness with a capital C. "Blitz The Streets" and "Blitz The Night" has consumed my entire add a full time J.O.B on top of that and life is intense.

But Oh SO WORTH IT!!!!

"Blitz The Night" looks like it is going to be an amazingly successful night full of Fashion, Glam and Gorgeous Socialites.
I have to say none of it would even seem possible if it wasn't for the gorgeous team that we have pulled together.

Today we had "Blitz The Night  "posters graphics designed by the lovely and wickedly talented Ayesha, who made Ben Riches ultra sexy shot look a million bucks!!!

Plus I successfully put in the application today for our occasional liquor licence after many frustrating attempts.
Which means yes ladies and gents, hopefully there will be champagne flowing on the 21st Aug.


Ater a long long day of countless hours spent in front of the computer, I decided that I would give my eyes and brain a break.
Instead of heading straight home to the lap top for more planning, I would hit up Carousel Shopping Centre and see what they had to offer.

So with my roomie Kel in tow we hit the shops and to be honest I think I had more fun people watching than shopping, it was packed!

Not too sure if it was because of the school  holidays or if it was the last day of the mid-year sales, but there were hoards of people; big ones, little ones, short ones, fat ones, styling ones, frumpy ones, ultra chic ones, sexy ones and just plain ridiculous "you shouldn't have left the house looking like that" ones!

I must admit I did the rounds whilst I was there handing out a few flyers for "Blitz The Night" to the super friendly staff in Sports girl, Dotti, Live, Transit...the list goes on  and on....

So I am hoping that "Blitz The Streets" will now be preety well known around Carousel.

Next I headed to Bardot and low and behold there was Miss Kimberley Burrows aka Neon Blonde, it was a pleasure to finally meet her in real life, we discussed "Blitz The Night" and I am happy to announce that Neon Blonde is now part of the Blitz Team!!!

The team just keeps expanding with ultra delightful people offering to help us out, which is great!!!

Seeings though it all started with a little meeting between Ben Riches and I.
I know have faith that it will grow and grow and grow and we can make "Blitz the Streets" and "Blitz The Night" an annual event for all fashionable Perthians to attend!!!!

Only time will tell.

 xoxox K

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  1. How ridiculously awesome are you! thanks for the shout out my dear I'm writing up a little post now for the event! Thanks for your e-mail I am so happy to be on board!