Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Face of Estreya

Onxy Bar, West Perth

Stephanie P. and her team from P2 Markting & Events managed to pull off yet again another successful and sensational event;

Last Saturday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to "Face of Estreya" which was held at the ultra sleek Onxy Bar in West Perth, as you can see from the pics above the place was PACKED!

And it had every reason to be!

It was impressive from the moment we arrived, with fire twirling artist out the front of Onyx entertaining guests as they lined up and braved the chilli weather.

We were then greeted at the door by the luscious Feminem  who was definitely  dressed to the Glamazon theme, like there was no tomorrow; Gold shimmering tights paired with a little gold sequin number dare I say exposing just maybe a little of her tight ass.

The Glamour that is Feminem!

As we made our way into the bar, we were greeted with waiters carrying sumptuous little delights and glasses of bubbles....the perfect way to greet any guest.

Contestants of "Face of Estreya"

Over to the left hand side of the Bar there they were the gorgeous contestants of "Face of Estreya" that had made it all the way to the finals.

Poised perfectly like mime artist you see in the street, you know the ones that only occasionally change their position?

Each individual contestant a unique beauty, it was refreshing to see finally a company  was searching for a "real face" for their brand, someone that every women could connect with.

Contestant photos taken by Photographer: Jarrad Seng

While the models posed, the drinks flowed and were entertained by the Glamour; Feminem as she spun funky beats on her decks.

A little later into the night, the crowd was introduced to each contestant and each asked a question by the M.C... 
Most of the girls replied with fantastic witty answers whilst others seemed either a little confused or a little overwhelmed by the size of the crowd.

After each girl was introduced to the crowd, it was time for the judges to converse and decide who they would crown "The Face of Estreya".

The Runner-up's were:


Mystrie Monck

And the title "Face of Estreya" was awarded to the lovely striking Ionela Pop, who on the night received flowers and a $1000.00 gigantic cheque.

Face of Estreya: Ionela Pop

Ionela Pop being congratulated by owner of Estreya Arna

Ionela, Arna and M.C

Congratulations to all the entrants that made it to the finals, it was definently a tough competition.

 A BIG Congratulations to the two runner-up's Jessica and Mystrie
 and of course the winner Miss Ionela Pop.
If her poise and demeanour n the night was anything to go by, I am sure that Ionela will be the perfect representative for Estreya.

While I am on the roll of congratulating those involved, I mustn't forget an even bigger CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Stephanie at P2 Marketing & Events!!

 If you are ever considering holding an event, I highly recommend this little lady!
There is a reason why she has been hired for Style-Aid and regularly works for Palais 85, not only does she have the connections, she posses true talent when it comes to organisation!!!

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