Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lekker Floris!

As you all know, for most a trip to the bottleshop on the weekend is pretty much standard these days. When I say standard I don't mean we are all raging alcoholics, I just mean on a whole most of us don't mind a "bevo" here or there.

I don't know about you but when it comes to choosing my poison I tend to take forever, there are just soooo many options to choose from. I swear when I was younger it was a lot easier, probably because my intention was to get well loose, and yes sad to say I was quiet happy with anything; goon, passion pop, shitty lolly water drinks, dirty mid-strength name I would drink it.

Nowadays however the novelty of getting wasted has worn off, as I near a 1/4 of a century I prefer to enjoy the taste of my liquor....which brings me too introducing y'all to the most amazing titillating drink ever!!!

Yes EVER!!!

If you are a lover or a hater of beer it doesn't matter, you will definitely have an appreciation for these moorish specialty Belgian Beers.

They are called Florish, and they come in an array of flavours; My favourite is Apple, then there is Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Mango and even Chocolate, yes chocolate.

Now if you aren't that adventurous and you are thinking why the hell would I want to drink chocolate flavoured beer, then don't ....I suggest you try the Apple or the Raspberry first. In terms of flavour think cider without the wino flavour aftertaste, these are light, refreshing and spritzy.

Now these are slightly on the dear side at a $120.00 a carton or $4.30 for a 330ml bottle, (yes way more expensive than your average beer) but then again they are WAY MORE tastier than your average beer too.  So really if taste is important i suggest you give these little guys a try and I pretty much guarantee you will be hooked.

Cheers xox

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