Monday, July 12, 2010


Want to hear some inside info?

Perth Street Fashion ( P.S.F) on Facebook are holding an exclusive Fashion Parade on August the 21st, this most of you I am sure are aware of.

However what you may not know is P.S.F has appointed a super-fantastic head stylist!!!

Who I hear you ask?????

The lovely and stylish Emily Bathgate!!!

To give you a little insight into Emily and her style, here is an extract from her website:

"A fan of fashion from a young age, Emily's styling work is more than a passion – it's a way of life.

A bright and energetic girl, Emily has a wonderful and very enthusiastic work attitude. She is an intelligent young lady with much experience in various aspects of the fashion industry, spreading herself over the glamorous styling world as a fashion student, fashion model, fashion retail employee, self-confessed shopaholic, and – of course – fashion stylist. Also a well travelled young woman, Emily has visited much of the globe and almost all that it has to offer.

Organised, innovative and polite, Emily has a passion for meeting people with unique personalities and personal experiences. Keen to keep on-trend with each season, sharing her style knowledge with others is ever-exhilarating. The kind of person who could get along with almost anyone, making other people happy is a continuous and consistent goal of Emily's. A true perfectionist, she is always striving to please others. When linking this love back into her adoration of fashion, styling was an obvious career choice. Not resting until her clients (some global) look, but most importantly feel beautiful, is such an important thing to Emily.

You can guarantee that your styling experience with Emily, regardless of how big or small, is going to be professional, unique, memorable…and most importantly, lots of fashionable fun!"

The best thing about Emily, is that she does not limit her talent to one specific service. Emily offers Styling for all occassions, whether it be on the runway, an editirial, look-books or a personal tailored service to suite your needs.

Over time Emily has worked with some fantastic local designers and boutiques.
Her most recent collabartion was for Vintage Vogue at The Moon. Which saw Emily work with:
Models: Steph & Novac, Photographer : Shirin Carter,
Hair Stylist : Elicia Rudd and Make-Up Artist : Natalie Lucas.
With clothing supplied by the most gorgeous vintage shop in Perth, Winfred and Bance.

If you aren't aware:Winfred and Bance are well known for stocking ultiment one-off garments, that you simply will not come across anywhere else.

For all of you that are yet to have a divine, "oh my gosh I will die if I do not own this piece" experience at Winfred and Bance then you simply must make your way to 
850 Beaufort St Inglewood WA 6052.
Where all the treasures lie.

Here are a few pics from the talented crew mentioned above who created:
Vintage Vogue at The Moon.

I hope you enjoy. xox


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  1. Shirin is so talented, I love working with her, such a beautiful person. <3