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Q’s & A’s with NinetySeven Clothing.

As promised here is my exclusive interview with the gorgeous and bubbly Flemming sisters; Kelly and Samantha.
These two are the brains behind the sensational e-boutique NinetySeven Clothing;
Their love for fashion inspired them to bring their unique styles together and create NinetySeven Clothing, an online store which embraces the lifestyle of the everyday fashionista.

Launched in June 2010, the store showcases carefully styled shoots to inspire and excite girls around the nation.

Ninety Seven Clothing stocks a range of Australian labels and some vintage designs, complemented by some one off jewellery pieces, all at affordable prices.

Their winning submission (below) entered into Blitz the Streets was captured in true street style to adhere to the theme of the Perth Street Fashion page.


Below I share with you the converstaion I had with Samantha (S) and Kelly (K),  as we talk fashion, business and style.

How do you feel being crowned the winner of Blitz the Streets, knowing that you were up against tough competition?

S-Amazing! Every entry was fantastic, so for us to win against this competition was a great accomplishment for us.

K-Exactly! It's such an incredible feeling, it's still all very surreal! Just knowing we have so much support is wonderful in itself, but we never thought we would even get this far given the standard of all the other entries.

Who formulated the idea of the NinetySeven Clothing website?

K-I think it was Sam who came up with the idea. We were both talking about wanting to own our own business some day, and it all just stemmed from there, really!

S-We did a lot of brainstorming, it's incredible how far we've come from that first discussion!

Who is the stylist behind the perfected outfits?

K- Usually the two of us will style the outfits together. We have also recently worked with some incredibly talented stylists for some of our collections, which were amazing, because it brings a whole new perspective to the table and we couldn't be happier with the results!

S- It's good having a team of people working together, or even just the two of us, because that way you're able to bounce ideas off each other.

How and why you entered the fashion Industry?

S- It's always been a huge passion for me, since a young age I've been aiming in this direction. I've been doing work experience with designers since high school, and this is simply the career I have always wanted.
K- Fashion has been a major part of our lives since we were younger, I would probably have to thank Sam for instigating my love for it, I must admit, I think I used to follow her in most of her interests, being the little sister! She would always just make or design clothes so effortlessly, I was fascinated by it! I love being able to express myself and my creativity through clothing, and being able to give that option to others is wonderful.

What are the perks of the trade?

K-Meeting so many amazing people! There's so much talent in this industry, I love that everyone brings different ideas and add their own individual style to everything they do. And there is just so much freedom to be creative, and so many opportunities.
S- Its such an interesting and unique industry to work in, let alone the fact that we are working in a field we have such a passion for. As Kelly said, we have worked with such wonderful people, have amazing things planned, and the possibilities to explore our dreams are endless!

Since you are sisters, at times do you find it difficult working alongside each other?

K- We work together surprisingly well! We both have a different style, and therefore bring a different approach to the business, which has proven to be a good thing. We have a good balance, and because we're sisters if we have any criticism or problems we don't have any trouble voicing our opinion, and can easily reach a solution.
S-As Kelly said, we both have individual styles which is great, as we each have our strong points. We've always been close so we're lucky that we get along like we do!
K-Yeah, we actually get along extremely well, I don't think we have ever had a fight that's lasted for longer that about 30 seconds!

What has been your greatest challenge thus far and how did you overcome it?

S-We're still only a new business so I'm sure we have a lot more challenges up ahead. So far I would say our main challenge has been getting the website up and running. We had a few problems originally, though we now work with a talented web designer from Sleepy Scene Studio's who has done amazing things with our site, as well as many more to come!
K- Yes, the greatest challenge would have definitely been just getting it off the ground. Like Sam said, we did actually had quite a few set backs, unfortunately, but I guess we had to go through them to reach the level we're at now.

Whose style do you most admire?

S-Kelly! And I adore Nicole Richies style! She always looks so effortlessly glamorous.
K-Sam, of course! And I would have to say, I love Agyness Deyn's style, she's so courageous and her outfits are constantly bursting with energy.

What is the one fashion piece that you couldn't live without?

K-At the moment, it would be a vintage blazer i picked up, it has the most unique floral print, I love it!
S-Right now its a LLD (Little Laced Dress)....and my high heels. Kelly is too tall for me!

Describe your worst fashion faux pas?

S-As much as I would like to forget, I would say my younger years of super-flared jeans or mini skirts and short, fitted tees.

K-Where to start! Definitely agree with Sam..I think that's the same with everyone growing up in the 90's, unfortunately!

What advice can you offer to emerging fashion entrepreneurs?

S-Never give up! It is such a cliché, though I find it to always be good advice when chasing a dream. Keep at it and if you try hard enough it will pay off!
K-Exactly! It can be a tough industry, but just keep true to your style and don't give up, it's so rewarding and there are so many opportunities for you out there!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

S-Hopefully with our website grown, plus more successes with a few of the plans we currently have in mind.

K-We have quiet a few ideas to expand our business, so if all goes well, you'll be hearing about those soon! Hopefully the site will still be running smoothly!

Anything you would like to add?

S-Just a big thank you to everyone who voted for us, everyone we've worked with, to all our beautiful customers, friends and family!!
K- Couldn't have said it better! Thanks to everyone for their support, the team at Perth Street Fashion, and to the other entrants of course!

To check out the current threads in store at NinetySeven Clothing Click Here!


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