Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UP! The Finale

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Up! The Finale, the final Catwalk show for Perth Fashion Festival. Essentially Up! The Finale was a showcase of 3 local talented designers who are at  different stages in their design career; Onwards and Up!wards.

The Catwalk show was opened by designs from Jaime Lee ; Models clothed from head to toe in metalic pink body suits (that some what resembled the gimp suit out of Pulp Fiction), adorned Jaime Lee's stunning digital print dresses, smocks, tights and one of the most gorgeous and outrageously bold feathered jacket I have ever seen.

Majority of the audience seemed intrigued by the pairing of the fully enclosed bodysuits with the sheer opulent designs, others left looking a little confused, as with some of the designs you couldn't see where the body suit ended and the garment began due to the colouring of the bodysuit morphing into the colours on the garments.

Next out on the catwalk was Paper Skyes latest collection "My Heart’s Reflection", soft pastel pinks, greys and light nudes in the style of 1970's glamour queen attire.

The collection was simple and elegant, with  hand dyed silk designs featuring roushing and flowing layers, that looked absolutely stunning on the catwalk, these designs by far were my favourite of the night.

Joveeba closed the show with her light-hearted  reinterpretations of classic cuts from her Essential collection.
Bright oranges, elecrtic and pale blues, palm frond prints in dresses, jackets and loose-fitting pants, beautifully accentuated by the fluro yellow and orange shredded necklaces and bracelet, Joveeba won the crowd over with these gorgeous, relaxed, summer festival vibing designs.

After viewing all 3 of the designers work, I can say that PFF are right when they say these 3 are on their way UP! Each collection was stunning and innovative in their own right, I cannot wait to be able to purchase a few little numbers from these girls to add to my wardrobe.

Jaime Lee, Kirsten Shadbolt, Alison Cotton.

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