Thursday, October 7, 2010

♥ Thursday 7th October

I thought that I hadn't done one of these types of post for quiet a while, so here it is my  ♥'s for today the 7th of October.

The Fringe and Bob

This is a hairstyle that is eternal, it comes in many styles; 2008 saw razor sharp blunt lines which by 2009 turned  into messy boho chic layers as the fringes grew out.

Now as we come towards the end of 2010 and near 2011 we see the fringe and bob return in a much sleeker retro form, I am talking 60's/70's glam! A slight blow wave of the ends of the hair flicked in or out, with a un-polished finished, the fringe varying in lengths all dependant on your style and face shape.

Abbey Lee Kershaw shows us how it is done;

Fall '11 Boots

Fur lined boots!? No not Uggies, real shoes.

 Ok so I am the first to admit when I had a friend describe these to me upon her return from O.S, I screwed up my face and said "What did you say, did you just say furline boots?"Followed by a bahahaha as the first image that came to mind was bogans walking down the streets in short denim skirts and ugg boots ala Pamela Anderson style before she was a spokeswomen for PETA.

I then went online and discovered these babies (see below). Now I understand what my friend was talking about, and I can see why European Fashionistas have fallen head over heels for them.

I don't know about you but now I can't wait for Autumn/Winter '11! By the looks of things it is going to be a (faux) furtastic season!

Perth local designer Lonely 8-bit heroes

I am a BIG fan of this little lady and her label: Zoe Trotman, is the face behind the label Lonely 8-bit heroes. I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe recently at numerous PFF events. Her designs are bold, beautiful and creative, she knows how to push boundaries.

Instead of falling a victim to fashion, Zoe exudes a confidence and a style of her own which is expressed through her incredibly innovative label, from the customised shoes and kicks to the most ASTONISHING lycra bodysuits and tights you will ever see, Lonely 8-bit Heroes is not for the faint hearted!

From Bright to Dark: Photos of Manuel Albarran Metal Couture

I stumbled across these photos, yes they are dark and slightly disturbing, yet for some reason I want to find more.


♥ ♥ ♥

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