Monday, January 10, 2011

Hot tips when wearing highwaisted short shorts;

Step 1# Choose your pant or lack of.

Step 2# Take a full length mirror outside into broad daylight.


Step3# Turn around and take a good look at your thighs, if you can see ass or cellulite REMOVE immediately!!!

Step 4# If you have done step 3 and you still think you look like you are killing it, GOOD FOR YOU this must mean you have killer legs and ass or NO SHAME..... you may move onto the following step.

Step 5# Walk away from the mirror with your head slightly turned so you can see what it looks like to others when they see you walking down the street from behind.

If you're thighs are rubbing or your ass/ gyny is eating the shorts REMOVE IMMEDIATELY! No one wants to see this type of friction when they walk down the street, nor do they want to see camel toe or wedgies.

Step 6# If you have passed the top 5 steps successfully, you are one of the very few people that short shorts suit....CONGRATULATIONS for having a spanking booty!

If you have not passed, I suggest avoiding looking ridiculous and create your own look my choosing something that flatters your body...

Besides WHY would you WANT TO look like everyone else????


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  1. This is actually so funny. And perfectly accurate!!
    xx S