Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We at Perth Street Fashion are giving you the chance to win tickets to Perth newest state of the art nightclub-

Flawless is going to set a new standard for clubbing in Perth , targeting the higher society and giving them a new playground to go out and enjoy world class international DJ's every week.

This club will be open to the public but there will be guidelines on who can enter. We are setting the bar for style and standard.

Some features of the club are brand new to Australia , bringing technology over from european clubs and being the first to utilise it here. Our tables will be screens , the roof was hand made and designed in Queensland and is made out of a rare marble.

 There is a VIP area that has VIP booths where you can enjoy bottle service and hold bar tabs. LED lighting which is cutting edge will cover large portions on the club bringing a very disco nightclub feel.

There is a lot more to it and a lot of money has been spent to ensure its success as Australia's hottest nightclub.

So to be part of clubbing history make sure you get yourself along to the Stache Night this Saturday.

To enter our comp. it really is simple:

Take a photo of yourself wearing your most stylish night life out fit and the winner will get their name put on the door.

Multiple outfits can be posted but only one ticket per winner.

We will be awarding one Guy and one Gal
Email your photos to: perthstreetfashion@hotmail.com


Good Luck xoxoxo

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