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Harpers Bazaar, Kym Ellery, Teresa Palmer from Darren McDonald on Vimeo.

Kym Ellery;the face behind the label


 The woman behind the much loved home-grown brand "ELLERY" completed a certificate of Fashion Design in her hometown Perth, Western Australia, she then decided to relocate to London to attend the highly acclaimed Central St. Martins Fashion School over the European Summer.

Whilst enrolled at Central St. Martins Kym developed the highly precious design skills that she possesses today.

Returning to Australia Kym became part of the creative team at Russh magazine were she worked for 4 years, expressing her creativity through the pages of one of Australia’s greatest independent fashion magazines.

Kym creative flair then branched out into designing avant-garde pieces, for her self-named label "ELLERY".

"ELLERY" began to emerge featuring frequently in Editorials gaining not only national exposure, also inter-national recognition, firmly cementing "ELLERY" as a well known label and hurdling Kym Ellery into the "elite designers" category.

Since the label emerged Kym has continued to pleasantly surprise her followers with luxurious, vanguard pieces, that to be quiet honest make my heart melt and my head a little giddy with delight.

"ELLERY's" latest FW11 collection is no different, inspired by a revolution and film "The Royale Tenenbaums & the queen of France, Marie Antoinette."

Behind The Scenes: Château de Champlâtreux- Paris Shoot

Behind The Scenes: Château de Champlâtreux- Paris Shoot

Behind The Scenes: Château de Champlâtreux- Paris Shoot

"ELLERY" details where the inspiration for the latest collection was drawn:

"An eccentric fictional family of child prodigies. Thoroughly sophisticated, magnificently modern & defiantly alive. “Tenenbaums in the Tuileries “ has an obsession for a sporty sensibility and sophisticated opulence creating a powerful paradox Rewriting the classic Tenenbaum characters with modern aplomb & quirk, an ironic and absurdist sense of humour pervades.

Ellery fuses sportswear with ribbed cuffs & exposed zips in deluxe jerseys in star contrast with the opulence & extravagance of feminine tweeds & couture silk tulle ruffles, together creating a contemporary attitude.

Margot in her oversized Macaroon Pink Pod Coat with her jersey wooden finger exposed, a bohemian artist trapped between womanhood & the innocence of a little girl, juxtaposed with Marie Antoinette wrapped in sumptuous brocades & silks, each piece made from the most luxurious fabrics, an Italian tweed and lurex, uniquely developed by Ellery, the collection highlight.

Silhouettes are elegant & classic yet dramatic with full skirts, sculptured shoulders. A signature Lafayette amour sleeve prevails, a Tuileries Jacket, Antoinetteʼs modern Regime.

Each character once extremely flawed, now embedded in a new light; Chas wears a sporty ankle rib slouch pant with a Cordeliers double collar coat with leather trim. Pagoda reflects through the Italian brocade pants paired with Richie tie front modal styles.

Eli Cash, sheer perfection in an elegant suede dress & knee length armour cape a new sophistication Colours are subtle and ingenious, each shot washed in a single hue brush stroked with pastels featured in each sequence of the film; revolutionary red, powdery pinks, muted barley & metallicʼs.

The vision is decadent; itʼs bright with an armoured feel coupled with silver hues and darker shades making Elleryʼs Fall Winter collection a luxury self indulgence.

Tonight The Tenenbaums turn Royale in The Tuileries!"

Tonight The Tenenbaums turn Royale in The Tuileries Campaign features Texan gap-toothed model, Ashley Smith whom emulates the "ELLERY" spirit. Shot on location at the magnificent Château de Champlâtreux- Paris, Tonight The Tenenbaums turn Royale in The Tuileries flourishes too life in this exciting campaign.

Shoot credits:
Location Château de Champlâtreux - rd 316 - 95270 Epinay-Champlâtreux Just out of Paris.
Photographer . Paul Empson ,Talent . Ashley Smith of Marilyn Agency, Hair . Romina Manenti ,Make-up . Tiina Roivainen

Now if that bevvy of information did not excite you enough, I am sure that this will: The designer and her SS RTW ’11 collection will be making their way to Perth!

"ELLERY" has chosen Perth to launch her SS RTW ’11 collection collection before heading to RAFW !!!! At an exclusive VIP invite only fashion show on Tuesday the 29th of March.

Best of all,  you my lovely readers do not miss out on the action, you too can can indulge in the "ELLERY" experience.

How you may ask? Quiet simply- the gorgeous team from"ELLERY'  have organised an exclusive VIP shopping experience for you to partake in.

This is a pop-up sale will be held on the day of the VIP showcase and will only run for a limited time (six hours) only.

Please note that this exclusive sale is invite only, so if you wish to attend you must RSVP.

So like any exclusive event you would expect an invite, so here is yours:



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