Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anti-Fashion Fashionista Making A MARK

Being a Fashion Stylist when I'm not busy working the 8 to 5 grind,  I am forever inspired and in awe of those that manage to make a livelihood out of their creative works in a tough and competitive industry that is known as "Fashion"... 

A lady that has managed to do just this and then some more is...

Ms Fitz. was first bought to my attention by my younger sister, (who I may add  is a fashionista in her own right).

Ms. Fitz is not just a stylist, she is an artist who is leading the way; Ms Fitz knows no boundaries when it comes to fashion, film and music.

Over the years Ms. Fitz has already achieved so much: from live performances with internationally acclaimed artists including Peaches and Rye Rye, to mind blowing styling jobs where she has clothed; Snob Scrilla, Catcall, RHYS, The Potbelleez, Expatriate and End of Fashion to name a few!

Ms. Fitz is also well known for her jewellery, shoe and clothing designs, that quiet frankly are out of this world; This lady that can turn a boring pump into a piece of art with her handy and artistic crafts.

Ms. Fitz flair for artistic designs have taken her many places over the years, she has collaborated with highly respected designer Tina Kalivas on a capsule collection of accessories, styled hip hop looks on Channel 10’s television program So You Think You Can Dance in 2008, plus she has also art directed and styled opening shows at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week to rave reviews... now they are some serious achievements!!!!

Below are a couple of examples of Ms. Fitz work, I promise you know that you have discovered this lass you too will be hooked,so hooked in fact that you need to follow her via her Blog

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  1. Thank you for the love! Stick to your dreams :)