Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Turquoise Feathered Neck piece

Pixie Pirate (PP) is designer Loz Mathieson (LM) gorgeous and innovative fashion label that has been a long time in the making. Up until the recent release of her latest collection LM spent countless hours perfecting and preparing her mini master pieces, ensuring each piece was just right.

Designer: Loz Mathieson wearing Turquoise feather head garment

Bejeweled Necklaces from Pixie Pirates Current Range

Designer LM is a firm believer that each person possess a different style (from Punk rock, boho indie, chic or her favourite which she calls "sparkly pixie") so she has made sure that PP caters to a wide and diverse taste.

From headpieces, earrings, armbands or necklaces, every piece is a one off which means you'll never find any two alike. All handmade by LM with precision and love, LM adds clusters of healing crystals to each piece as she believes that this promotes happiness and positive vibes to follow the wearer.

Pixie Pirate (PP) is a label that is constantly changing and evolving, with the current range just released LM has already begun preparing the launch of her next seasons range, which you can expect to be out in about one months' time.

To take a look at Pixie Pirates latest collection or purchase one of these amazing pieces before they are all sold out, please CLICK HERE

Dagger Head Garment

Dagger Head Garment worn with Green Polka Dot Earring from the "Dagger" range.

Beaded Feather Head Garment

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