Monday, August 2, 2010

I Take 5 with Freya Bryce designer of .....

Freya Bryce created the label "Pardon My French" several years ago by altering Vintage garments, creating one off pieces.
Freya then began self sewing garments, continuing to alter vintage bags, purses, jewellery and badges... stocking them in a small precious hidden boutique "Spokey Dokes" located here in Perth.

With enough experience and confidence behind her, Freya created an entire seasonal range, for the store "Family" which went on to completely sell out.

With so much interest in her garments there was only one thing to do, and that was up-scale.
Freya began designing like mad, travelling abroad to have her designs made into samples, then into collections.

"Pardon My French" is now available through:

Directly through Freya by, with her label being stocked at Shop 28, North Perth as of September.

Pardon My French garments also feature on Fashion W.A's website, where they are available for purchase.

Pardon My French offers one of a kind; unique, daring and individual, pieces.

These clothes are designed for ladies that like to make a bold statement and stand-out from the crowd.

In my mind this is exactly what fashion should be, expressing ones creativity and individuality.

Below I (K) take a quick 5 minutes with the talented and lovely designer Freya Bryce (F) to ask her a few Question's:

K-How do you make your dosh???

F-I work at Zomp shoes casually in King St. and put all money into fabrics and travelling!

K- Perks of the trade?

F- Having a new wardrobe Every season as I get all of the georgous samples!!

K-Been to any killer parties lately? If so what did you doan for the event?

F- Parties no but event.... I went to bomb it for the revelation film festival. Wore a long sleeve black dress a floral jacket from my winter current winter range and some one of a king taupe wedge lace up boots .

K- Favourite item in your wardrobe?

F- Favourite item in my Wardrobe right now, is a silk see through jacket vintage inspired from my current winter range (still availibe on .

K- Current Projects?

F-  I have 4 upcoming fashion parades; 2 are charity events, one a model search other for breast cancer.      Also Blitz the Night and Fashion W.A's first birthday.

And I am in the swing of producing my winter 2011 range in Indonesia!

K- What can we expect to see from you in the future?

F- Hopefully stocking more broadly, I have a stockist in New Zealand that I'm in talks with and also Melbourne! My ranges are getting larger and more structured and themed, I'm finding out my personal style of designing more and more with every range!

So there you have it! I cannot wait to see what Freya has in store for us with her next collection from "Pardon My French". If her past/ current collections are anything to go by (see below), I can tell you that we are all going to be in for a treat!!!

Remember, this collection is on at this very moment readily available for purchase!!!!

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